Thursday, August 27, 2009

My submitted topic for Senator McCaskill's "Healthcare Listening Forum" (Town Hall Meeting) in West Plains

We hope Senator McCaskill understands that government involvement in either the health care or health insurance industry is the last thing that many of her constituents in the West Plains area want. We keep hearing about industry reform, but it is not just an industry that will be affected. Washington is threatening to take over our jobs and tell us how to do them, to tell us how we have to interact as patients and providers, and even manage our lifestyles to fit their definition of healthy. We consider our freedoms in these aspects sacred and God-given. So we are not looking for Washington to produce the 'right' plan for us to support. We want Washington to stay away from attempting to centrally plan our economy and dedicate their efforts to defending our liberties.

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Michael said...

What do you mean Washington is going to take away our control? The insurance companies, along with Washington,DC has taken control over doctors' health care decisions long ago! Add to that, the actions of the politicians at the state medical board level, and you see them regulating the practice of many doctors, and destroying a few careers in the process. Licensing is probably part of the problem, but not too many physicians would agree with changing the system through licensing changes. But, not too many doctors disagree with the fact that we don't need more government red tape. I support the ideas that Dr Ron Paul espouses, myself!

p.s. I made the mistake of trying to practice pain management and taking care of chronic pain patients! My advice to those who might think of practicing pain management.... DON'T DO IT!