Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hookworms, Tax Hikes, and a $3.6 Trillion Budget

The most successful parasites are undetectable. Silently they feed on their host, drawing from its energy imperceptibly.

Take the adult hookworm, which lodges in the darkness of the bowels and feeds on its host's blood supply. In an ideal hookworm infection, the host never becomes weakened or anemic from blood loss. The hookworms take just enough to survive and grow. Weakening or killing their host by playing the short-term game of gobble-all-you-can-get threatens the hookworms' survival. So silently they sip, with their healthy host completely unaware of their existence.

Washington Democrats could learn a thing or two from hookworms.

Refusing to enact policies that would allow the creation of national wealth, Democrats propose bleeding the strong to fund federal initiatives. President Obama and the Democrats devise plans that further plunge the nation into debt, with tax hikes on the "rich" as their only means of funding.

After presiding over 2009 and its $1.75 trillion deficit (12% of the gross domestic product), President Obama has proposed a $3.6 trillion budget for 2010.

Prior to unveling the budget, the President said he would consider cutting taxes for Americans, but not for people like Warren Buffett. He must have Warren Buffett confused with someone else. His budget runs on new tax hikes on families making over $250,000 a year.

But how long will the host remain strong? The feeding frenzy is on. Democrats have forgotten the rules of successful parasitism. Never weaken the host.

Blood is flowing freely now.

Rusy Scalpel

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